Best Bow Hunting Accessories – 5 Items to Improve Your Accuracy

Archery Target

Whether your new to the sport or have been shooting for years there is always room to improve. Archery is an art and very few people master it. In my opinion that is what draws me to archery and hunting in general. Its a challenge, your not always going to win, and when you do that feeling will have you coming back for more.

When that arrow is smoothly released and you see it ark and drop right into the spot your pin was floating on there is no better feeling. Hopefully these items below can help you improve your accuracy.

Stabilize Your Rig

Stabilizer and Side Rod

The farther I dig and learn about ways to improve accuracy, stabilization is always at the top of the list. Adding a stabilizer to the front and or sides of your bow can be an easy way to boost your accuracy. Stabilizers work in couple ways.

1.  Absorbs vibration in the bow. When you release the arrow, all that energy from the cams has to go somewhere. Most of the energy sends the arrow down range. The remaining energy is pushed through the bow and down into your hand. You will hear people comment “that bow is dead in the hand”. This means they are feeling very little vibration in the grip of the riser. Stabilizers help absorb this energy.

2. Reduces noise. As mentioned above the stabilizers absorb the energy which causes vibration. Vibration causes noise. Less vibration = less noise. Pretty simple but a quieter bow can mean the difference in a lethal clean shot, a complete miss, or worse a wounded animal. Deer especially are always on edge and can drop multiple inches by the time your arrow arrives as the load up their legs to escape.

3. Stabilization.  No ground breaking information here. I mean its called a stabilizer for a reason. A good tip to know though is the more weight your have at the end of your stabilizer the better the bow will balance. The weight will pull down causing the bow to stand up straight. This is very important for increased accuracy as it will help you hold your pin over your aiming point.

Pick the Release that is Right for You

Here is a brief over view of the type of releases used for compound bows. Finger releases are the cheapest option and most prevalent ($15 to $75). Thumb or button releases are slightly higher in price ($15 to $100). Hinge and Tension releases round out the top of the price range ($100 to $250). These prices are approximate as you might be able to find a good sale but wanted to give a base price range.

1. Finger Release (Wrist Rocket): Has a lever you pull with your finger to release the string. Wraps around your wrist with a buckle or Velcro strap.

Finger Release

2. Thumb Trigger/Button Release: Just as it sounds. A release that is activated by pressing a button with your thumb.

Thumb Button Release

3. Hinge Release: Has no button or lever to pull with your finger or thumb. Hinge releases are activated by the backward rotation of the release.

Hinge Release

4. Tension Release: This type of release is activated by then tension you exert as you pull through your shot. Often these types of releases have a safety that you can turn on as you initially start your draw so the release doesn’t activate and you give yourself a bloody nose. 

Tension Release

Each of these have their pros and cons. Its a lot like asking who makes a better truck Ford or Chevy. Everyone has an opinion and you won’t be able to form an opinion until you try a couple different ones out but here is a little secret. No matter what release you use what really matters is the process or execution of your shot with the release.

For example you can shoot a finger release just like a tension release. Perform the same pull through motion with your back muscles by trying to pinch your shoulder blades together. Another way to describe it would be to start with your arm at your side and stand next to a wall. With your off hand raise your arm straight out just like your holding your bow. With your dominate arm do an upright row and bring the knuckle of your index finger to the corner of your mouth. At this point your elbow should be directly behind your shoulder. Now pretend your are aiming your bow at a target and slowly begin to pull your hand back from the corner of your mouth. Keep pulling until your elbow hits the wall behind you.

Repeat this process over and over again then take it out onto the range and give it a shot. At this point you don’t care where your arrow hits the target. Your focus should be on executing a good shot with the process mentioned above.


A Clear View of Your Sight is Important


Peep Sight


Peep sights allow you to get a complete un-distracted view of your sight. A peep sight is a small plastic circle that is placed in between the strands of your bow string. When your at full draw you should be to see your sight and sight housing completely through the peep sight. Peep sights range in size based on the diameter of the opening inside of the peep sight from 1/32″ to 1/4″.

It is best to go with the smallest size peep sight possible. As mentioned above you want to be able to fill your entire sight housing in your peep sight. The peep sight is to big if you can see the background on the outside of the sight housing.

Types of Rests

As with everything you have some decision to make here as well. Regarding compound bows, they require some type of rest. It would obviously be highly inaccurate to shoot straight off the shelf. Here are the 3 main types of rests.

1. Launcher Style: This type of rest is usually 2 prongs or a thin piece of metal with a “V” cut into it at the end to support the arrow. This style of rest is mainly used for target shooting because a huge draw back with this type of rest is the arrow can be easily knocked off. Trust me nothing is worth than sitting for hours in the cold to draw back for a shot and have your arrow slip off the rest and spook whatever animal you were after.

Launcher Style

2. Containment Style: Want to increase accuracy and only spend a bit of money? A containment style rest is your best option. Leading this pack is the whisker biscuit. Its a circle of tiny bristles with a small opening in the upper corner that allows the arrow to be placed in the rest. You would have to purposely try to knock the arrow out of the tiny notched opening and even still it would be hard to do.

Whisker Biscuit

There is a reason why there have been so many whisker biscuits produced. They work plain and simple. It’s a basic, accurate, and cost effective rest that will work every time.

Another perk is a whisker biscuit usually comes standard on any bow that is a “ready to hunt” package deal.

3. Drop Away Style: This is the most accurate type of rest in my opinion. Why you ask? When an arrow is released the energy from the string is put into the arrow. This causes the arrow to flex. The 2 other styles of rest are in contact with the arrow the whole time it passes through the bow.

Drop Away

A drop away style does just that. As the arrow is initially released the rest drops away allowing the arrow to flex without any type of resistance.

Protect Your Investment

An over looked item I think a lot of people forget about is your bow case and sight cover. Many archers have fallen prey to being out in the field and when the moment of truth comes they miss the target due to their pins have been moved.

Bow Case

Bows get abused. Rattling around in the back of your truck as you head to your hunting location. Knocked on a door or a branch snags your bow as you try to get into position before the sun rises.

I recommend a hard case to store your bow. Stay away from soft cases. Yeah you might save some money but in the long run it could come back to bite you. You can spend a fortune on a bow and even a lower priced bow will still run you a couple hundred bucks. Take care of your bow and it will be there for you when you need it most.


In the end accuracy is king. What good is it if you can’t hit what you are aiming at? Yes, practice is very important but having the right tools for the job will dramatically help improve accuracy.

Have any tips or another item you think is important? Let me know in the comments below. I’m all ears.

10 thoughts on “Best Bow Hunting Accessories – 5 Items to Improve Your Accuracy

  1. Shaun Reply

    Hi, thanks for sharing such an interesting and professional post. Personally, i never try or practice archery, but it is attractive to me. In addition to sports, it looks to me more like an art. And i never know that there are so many various accessories to help on the accuracy. Thanks for your professional information!

    • admin Reply

      It is definitely as art. Mind and body work together. Give archery a try. I think you would really enjoy it. Let me know if you have any further questions.

  2. Angela Reply

    I am so impressed with your article titled Best Bow Hunting Accessories – 5 Items to Improve Your Accuracy.
    I have to be honest and say that bow hunting is something I was so unfamiliar with until now. I can see that you are very knowledgeable on this subject.
    I did not know there were so many different accessories that one uses when they bow hunt. I liked your analogy (comparing Ford and Chevy) regarding picking the right release. One would really need to test the items to see what the right piece of equipment is right for them.
    I agree that protecting your equipment is very important. What is the point of investing money in good equipment if its just going to get damaged while in transit.
    Thanks for the very informative article. I learned a great deal. Anyone interested in this topic would do well to visit this site. Well done!

    • admin Reply

      Thank you. Hopefully it helped shed some light and information on a new topic for you. If it ever crosses your mind I say give archery a try. It a great way to relieve stress and just focus on one thing. Its just you and the target. If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

  3. Marius Reply

    I have never shoot with bow before, but it is one of my must do lists. I loved your article and I had no idea that there are so many items which can improve your Accuracy. After reading this post I want to try bow shooting even more. What do you think is it good idea for beginner to use these attachments to help get hang of it and improve accuracy?

    • admin Reply

      1st off I’m glad you liked the article. 2nd to answer your question I would say keep it simple at first. You can buy a bow now that comes with all the accessories I have mentioned in my article besides a bow case. That type of setup would be more than capable for a beginner. Also, make sure you get the bow to fit your body measurements (draw weight, draw length). You can do this by going to any local bow shop or a bass pro or cabelas. Ask them to shoot a couple different bows to get a comfort level.

      After that just get the basics down and practice practice practice. Once you feel comfortable with that I would look into upgrading some of my accessories. If I can help with anything else please let me know. Archery is a lot of fun and something you can do for the rest of your life.

  4. Keenan Reply

    I personally have never shot a compound bow but have always wanted to learn! Growing up in Michigan you always know at the minimum 10 people who bow hunt and although I just never had the heart to kill an animal, wouldn’t mind learning how to use a bow!
    Everything in this article was very informative and if I ever end up learning to try, I’m going to bookmark this page to use!

    • admin Reply

      I appreciate the kind words. I would agree with you about the Michigan comment you made. I have family and friends in Michigan that are all into archery. Michigan actually is one of the top states in the country for number of bow hunters. If I can be of any help in the future let me know. I would recommend giving archery a try. Even if you don’t hunt its still a great way to challenge yourself.

  5. Mick Wosika Reply

    Archery was a sport I was involved in quite a few years back now where technology didn’t take the number one spot. With advancement in technology, there are some great pieces of kit about which don’t cost the earth. I do check out various sites and maybe will get back into it someday. Nice article and thank you for sharing.

    • admin Reply

      Thanks Mick. If you ever get back into archery. Let me know I’d be happy to lend a hand.

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