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As winter draws to and end and spring is on the horizon I find myself getting out in the back yard more often to fling some arrows. If you are anything like me you are thinking of gear for next year’s hunting season as well. I’ve been shooting Black Eagle arrows for the past 2 years now and have been pleased with their performance. Thought I would share my opinion and give a quick review.

Black Eagle Outlaw

Out of the Box Impression

I purchased a dozen Outlaw arrows for about $85 bucks. First off in my opinion you can’t beat the price. I did some online research as many of us do now and for the price and quality the Outlaws led the pack. What sold me were the specs these arrows have which were the best I could find for the price point. 0.005″ straightness or better and ± 2 grain weight tolerance. Right out of the box every arrow looked good to go. Mine were fletched with blazer vanes and all shafts were clean and free of Black Eagle Outlawsexcess glue.

Simple color combination also caught my attention. Black carbon shaft with red and neon yellow accents. I’m a keep it simple type of guy and at the end of the day I just want something that works. These arrows looked to fit the bill. Gave them a quick flex test and it was off to the bow shop to get them cut to length.

Out on the Range

I like these arrows a good deal. As Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber would say “I like it a lot!”. Very sturdy arrow. Accidentally put a kill shot on a stump and that arrow come out without a scratch on it and still flies true. As far as real hunting trials go I’ve had 2 complete pass through on deer with no problems. Also, while on the range I’ve shot and had one arrow hit another multiple times without any issue. In my past experience that is a death sentence as usually a chunk of the arrow chips off or worse splinters. So far these arrows have been able to take any type of punishment I have been able to dish out.

Only draw back I would say which is not a big deal to me is I’ve had a couple vanes start to come off the shaft. At some point its bound to happen though.

Highly Recommend the Brass Inserts

Another reason I purchased these arrows was to increase my FOC (front of center). I selected the 350 spine at 8.6 grams per inch. The lord did not bless me with height or wing span so I’ve got a short draw length. My arrows are 27″ long so multiply that by 8.6 GPI and it equals 232.2 grains. I went ahead and purchased the brass inserts as well and I’m glad I did but more on that later. These come in at 42 grains. Nock is 11 grains, the 3 vanes are 21 grains and currently shooting a 100 grain fixed blade broadhead or field point. This gives me a total of 406.2 grains.

Working out the formula to get my FOC % and I’m at 15% FOC. The brass inserts really help in getting that weight at the front of the shaft and I’ve seen great results. As mentioned above about the 2 pass through shots I had, 1st the arrow was stuck in a large branch on the opposite side of the deer about the size of my forearm and the 2nd was a pass through after hitting an unforeseen small branch.


If your not wanting to break the bank, honestly I do not think you need to look any further. Save yourself some time, go ahead and make the purchase. A 6 pack is only $45. Give them a shot and I think you will be very happy with your decision.

These arrows have served me well and I expect they will continue to for years to come.

Let me know your opinion or if you buy some let me know what you think.

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