Deer Hunting Binocular Review: Vortex Diamondbacks Are Hard To Beat

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If you have never packed a pair of binos with you into the deer stand you’re missing out. Not only will this give you a better chance to spot deer in the area but it’s also entertaining to see what else is moving around you. For example I watched a squirrel chew through a walnut shell and was able to see the walnut shell shavings fall out of his mouth on a hunt this year.

I received a pair of Vortex optics (Diamondback 10×42) as a gift a couple years ago and now I don’t leave my house without them whenever I head into the woods.I keep them in my truck as well. Fortunately, for me one of the properties I hunt is on my way home from work so I drive by to glass the fields if I can’t make it out to the stand in time. Hopefully this deer hunting binocular review will show you the importance of having a great pair of binos with you at all times.



For this review I will be covering the following.

  • Importance of Glassing from the Stand
  • What Is Included with Your Purchase
  • Design/Ergonomics
  • Versatility
  • Warranty Program
  • Drawbacks

Importance of Glassing from the Stand

How often do you sit in the stand or blind and boredom sets in? As much as I love to hunt and be out in woods, it just gets boring sometimes after a couple hours in and you haven’t seen any movement. Side note…how often has a squirrel tricked you into thinking it was a deer? I would be retired by now if I had a dollar for every time that has happened to me.

Next time boredom sets in reach for you’re binos instead of your phone and here is why.

  • Great Way to Pass the Time: We are supposed to be out in the woods for a reason. To get away from our phones and enjoy the outdoors. Now, I am talking to myself as well here so I am at fault just as much as you are but you can pick up a lot that you would never see if you pick up you’re glass instead. If you’re glassing, you’re engage and the likely hood of you seeing deer just went up.
  • Identify Deer: Are you out after a certain buck? Maybe you have antler restrictions in the unit you are hunting. Have only a buck tag? Being able to identify a deer before it gets in close can be crucial. For example. You catch movement in front of you. Bring up you’re binos and confirm it’s that buck you have been waiting for all season. Immediately you can get set up and be ready before he starts to come in. If you didn’t have binos with you, you would have to move back and forth to get a clean picture with you’re naked eye which creates more movement. Maybe it’s a deer you were going to pass but you move all around to get set up for nothing. Now you created all this movement that could get you caught by other deer.
  • Long Distance Scouting: Binos are perfect if you’re wanting to keep tabs on a certain location you don’t want to mess up before the conditions are right to get in there. Also, this is a great technique if you’re doing an out-of-state hunt and trying to get a better understanding of the area. Put a stand up in a good viewing area and be able to cover far more ground than you would with just your eyes.

What Is Included with Your Purchase

Wanted to touch on what is included with your purchase from Vortex.

  • Neoprene Hard Case: Case is closed with a zipper and has enough room if you wanted to throw a small bottle of glass cleaner in there. It’s a nice case that has held up well.
  • Neck Strap: Neck strap is not bad at all. It’s a thick strap that I would guess is 1″ to 1.25″. Nice rubber, textured material on the bottom side that doesn’t rub or scratch you neck. I would recommend you invest in a bino strap or harness. No matter what neck strap you have once you start trouncing around the woods your going to get tired of your binos bouncing around.
  • Lens Cover and Lens Cloth: I really like the objective lens covers. They are attached and are quickly removed. Once you remove them they hang below the lens without obstructing your view. There is a cover for the ocular lens (lens you put up to your eyes) and it can be attached to the neck strap so its close at hand when not in use. Lens cloth is small but the perfect size to pack away in your bino harness or pack.


You can tell the design engineers and product development team put a lot of thought into the Diamondback model that I have. The Diamondback is one of their lower priced models.

Here are a couple things I like about my Diamondbacks.

  • Thumb Slots: It’s the little things that can separate a product from the pack. To me this is one of them. You know how you can shoulder a shotgun and it feels like an extension of your arm. I get this feeling when I bring up these binos. The thumb slots are the perfect indentation that help make these binos fit very comfortable in my hand. Having that little bit of flat area really allows you to get a good grip and feel in control.

Bino Thumb Slots


  • Has Some Heft for Stability: This was one of the first things I noticed about these binos. Just enough weight to help keep you steady as you glass. I really like the weight of these binos. I’d relate it to being able to hold a heavier compound bow steadier than a lighter one. Just that little bit of heft makes all the difference.
  • Textured Pattern on the Sides: This is a nice perk. The more I use the binos they more I like to have this textured pattern. I have medium-sized hands and I can feel the texture in the upper palm of my hand just below my knuckles. It provides a little bit of grip for a secure hold.


Vortex Diamondback Side Profile


  • Knobs Move Fluidly: All adjustment knobs have worked great so far for me. No play in the knobs or getting gummed up and sticking. They move very smoothly.


As I mentioned above I have the Vortex Diamondback 10×42. After using these for the past couple years I am sure whatever model of binos or scope you purchase it will serve you well.

I feel that a 10×42 is a great all around option. For those of you that don’t know, here is a quick breakdown of what “10×42” means. The “10” means these binos have 10x the magnification power. “42” refers to the diameter in mm of the objective lens (front lens). The bigger the objective lens the more light than can be captured which relates to a sharper and brighter image.


Objective Lens Location


Almost any hunting situation a 10x bino is you’re best bet. I have used mine extensively for deer and turkey hunting here in the Midwest. Very rarely will I be looking past 300 yards. Especially when I am hanging from my tree saddle I’m glassing under 100 yards. I am amazed what I can pick up from the stand while I’m glassing that I never would have seen with the naked eye. Personally, the first time I see a deer I never “see the whole deer”. It’s always a flash of the tail. A leg bending as it takes a step behind cover or it’s head moving up from grabbing a bite to eat. By using binos you can pick up on these movements faster and from greater distances.

This past fall I took them with me on my elk hunt to Idaho. As you can imagine you can see much farther out there and they performed great. I never felt under powered and paired with a tripod I could glass for hours without getting hand fatigue. I’ve got an antelope hunt lined up for the fall of 2020 and I have no doubt that these will serve me well out in the wide open prairie.

One Of The Best Warranties In The Industry


Vortex VIP Warranty


Piece of mind. This is what Vortex Optics warranty will give you. Vortex calls it their VIP warranty. It stands for Very Important Promise. If your optics are damaged or defective in any way they will either repair or provide you a perfectly working replacement at equal or better physical condition at no charge to you!

Accidentally drive over you’re binos? Drop them from a ledge and crack one of the lenses? Have a house fire and burn them to a crisp? Doesn’t matter it will be repaired or replaced no questions ask. To make it even better this is an unlimited lifetime warranty that is fully transferable and no receipt is necessary.

To me it is well worth the investment when you know you have that in you’re back pocket.


To be honest with you I have run into 2 issues. Nothing major but always want to provide full disclosure when I write a review. I have actually used the VIP Warranty 2x and you will see why below. Each time Vortex’s customer service has been top notch in response to my questions and getting my binos fixed!

As with any manufactured good there will be issues but Vortex has made sure I have been taken care of.

  • Difficulty Screwing in Tripod Mount: The mounting hole for the tripod is located in the middle of the binos. Even spread as far apart as possible it can be difficult to screw in the tripod mount connector. There just isn’t a lot of room to screw it in and after taking them on and off a couple times in a day as you move from one scouting position to another it becomes annoying. If anyone has any tips I’m all ears. Please leave me a comment below.


Tripod Mount Location


  • Rubber Eye Relief Covers: Recently I took off the protective ocular lens cover and found that the rubber covers had fallen off. Obviously I was bummed and reached out to the warranty department at Vortex. I shipped out my binos (you do pay for shipping to Vortex) at the beginning of September and received them in working order within 3 weeks. Binos were fixed and I was pleased with how clean they looked.
  • Fogged Ocular Lens: Fast forward a month and its the middle of October. I’m out on a hunt and noticed that both Ocular lens are fogging up every time I pull them up to glass. I removed my face mask and tried to breathe out my nose and mouth but no luck. I reach out to Vortex again and explain the situation. They not only covered my shipping cost but put my service request in as a rush order. I shipped out my binos and received them back within a week! That is great customer service! Also, included with my binos when I received them was a bottle of lens treatment to keep them from fogging up in the future. I’ll admit its annoying to have them fog up so this is something to keep in mind if you decide to purchase them.




Wrapping It Up

If you’re in the market for a new set of binos I highly recommend you check out Vortex Optics. Not only do they have great binos but also offer scopes, spotting scopes, and range finders. They stand behind their products..

Besides the 2 issues mentioned above I’m happy with my diamondbacks and I plan to use them for many years to come.

Have any more questions regarding a topic I didn’t cover? Please leave me a comment and I’ll answer as best I can. Leave a review if you own a pair of Vortex binos. I’d love to hear you’re opinion.


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