Lone Wolf Stands: Which Stand Is Best For You?

Lone Wolf tree stands. Many people, including myself, think these are one of the best stands on the market. For good reason. These stands are built to last and geared towards the mobile hunter. Lightweight and easily packable these stands can go anywhere.

Thinking about buying a stand for the upcoming season? I have no doubt anyone of these will serve you well and will provide you with many years of service. For this review I will cover the Lone Wolf stands available and touch on the following 4 factors.

  • Weight
  • Versatility
  • Price
  • Type of Hunter It Is For

Before getting into the details of each stand I wanted to touch on a couple points that drew me to Lone Wolf and lead me to purchase one.

  1. Replacement Parts: This was one of the main reasons I purchased a stand. Let’s face it, no matter how well a product is made eventually it will start to deteriorate or break. Also, these stands are built to last. I have no doubt you could have a stand for 10 to 15 years or more. Or maybe you accidentally drive over a section with your truck, drop it from a tree and it lands on a boulder. These stands are out in the rain, snow, mud, and cold. They take a beating and hold up well but in the event you do need to replace a part they have just about anything you would need.
  2. Customization: Hop on YouTube and you will be lost for days checking out the amount of customization you can do with one of these stands. Whether its covering the platform in 550 cord to quiet the stand and provide traction or adapting some type of shoulder strap for those long hikes to the stand. Each stand even comes with a built in bow hanger cast into the platform of the stand.
  3. Made in USA: This one pretty much speaks for itself. Whenever I can I’ll purchase an American made product.
  4. The Cool Factor: Lone Wolf nailed it as far as I’m concerned. I won’t lie to you. These stands just look cool in my opinion and the “Cool Factor” was a purchasing factor for me. The design of the stand, color, and type of hunting these stands are used for drew me in. The hook was set. I had no chance.

Assault Hand Climber Combo

I actually owned this stand for a couple years and it served me well. As far as lightweight and mobile goes you can’t get much better. Unfortunately, do to an elbow injury from when I was a kid I would get shooting pain up my arm when I climbed with it. I liked it so much I tried some different climbing techniques to try to work around it but ended up selling it. If this wasn’t the case I would still own and use the stand to this day.



Weight: 14.7lbs. This is their lightest climber in their product line. Honestly when I picked it up for the first time I thought it was more around 10 to 12lbs. Often when I would head into the woods I would just carry it by hand down by my side like holding a grocery bag. It was faster and easier than putting it on my back.

Versatility: This stand is extremely packable and light. It breaks down easily and folds completely flat for transportation. The profile is also small so it doesn’t extend over your head while on your back getting caught on branches as you try to sneak into position. Also, its great if you hunt out of a canoe or kayak and weight and size is important.

A negative with this climber and any climber for that matter is the need to find a tree with very few branches. Depending on your geographical location this can be very easy or very hard. To be honest with you I did run into this issue. Where I wanted to hunt just didn’t have a tree I could use a climber in. I was able to find a suitable tree further up the trail though.

For a way around this always keep a pruning saw in your pack. If hunting public land, check the regs to see if you can trim trees. If you can, even if you climb a tree with smaller branches you can cut them out of your way as up climb up.

Price: $369.99 ===> Amazon. Yes, that is a good bit of money but let me ask you a couple questions. Do you own multiple stands? How often to you buy a stand? This climber can pretty much replace any stand you would need. Again, these stands will last you for years.

Do you buy a trail camera(s) every year? Avg price on the low end is $80 to $100 bucks. Don’t replace your trail cameras this year or don’t buy one for 3 years and there is the money for your stand. It’s all about your thought process.

Type of Hunter It Is For: This is a minimalist stand. Someone who needs in all in one stand that is very lightweight, compact, and mobile than this stand will be for you. At just over 14lbs you will have a very hard time finding another stand out there that can beat it.No additional weight of climbing sticks. This stand is ready to go out of the box.

Wide Flip Top Climber Combo

Like the Assault climber but want a larger platform and more comfort? Then take a look at the Flip Top climber.



Weight: 21lbs. This stand was created as a hybrid between the Assault hand climber and the Alpha hang on stand. The weight increase is due to a wider platform and the support bar.

Versatility: With the addition of the support bar this stand is a great candidate for gun or crossbow hunting. Being able to use it as a rest or flip it down if you need more room. I do like the support bar as in my mind would add an extra sense of safety having the bar in front of you. Some people like it and others hate it. Comes down to your preference. Like the Assault hand climber this stand can go pretty much anywhere you can carry it.

Price: $469.99 ===> Amazon. The wider platform and support bar add to the cost. With the wider platform it allows for easy seated climbing. The seat was also designed differently from the Assault climber so you sit higher up in more of a “ready to stand position”. Seat also flips up when you stand to provide extra room.

Type of Hunter It Is For: This climber falls right in between the minimalist, ultra light set up and someone looking for more space and versatility. This stand is a good mixture of both. Being right at 21lbs it is still mobile enough to be hauled around. The Assault climber lacks in platform space and has a fixed seat. The Wide Flip Top answers these issues. Also, the support bar is a great perk that can be used as a rest to make sure the shot is right on the mark.

Wide Sit & Climb Combo

If comfort is what you are looking for than the Wide Sit and Climb is what you need. I mean just look at the seat. How can that not be comfortable?



Weight: 21lbs. This is still a light option for a climbing stand compared to other brands.

Versatility: The name of this stand says it all. This type of climber uses the sit and climb technique. Rest your butt on the seat bar and raise your legs up to get up the tree. This stand would be a great option for someone who doesn’t like the climbing technique of the Assault climber. Sit and climb is a much easier way to climb a tree because you don’t have to hold yourself up with your arms. Like the Sit and Climb but want a support bar as well? You are in luck. You can purchase a support bar that attaches onto the front of the stand. When fully collapsed this stand only has a 4″ profile!

Price: $439.99 ===> Amazon. A bit of a cheaper option compared to the Flip Top climber. It doesn’t have a flip up seat or support bar but makes up for this in comfort.

Type of Hunter It Is For: This is for the guy or girl looking for mobility and extreme comfort. If your looking to sit in the stand all day during November then this stand is a great option. Also, at 21lbs and a 4″ profile this stand is still capable of being carried in deep into the woods or loaded onto a canoe.

Want a climbing stand but feel you don’t have the physical ability of a normal climber? Check out this stand as an option. The ability to sit and climb a tree make this a great option for an older hunter or someone like me with a previous elbow or shoulder injury.

With any climbing tree stand you will need to practice before taking it out into the woods. You don’t need to be in shape or athletic to use these types of stands but you do need to understand this is a different process than climbing up normal steps for a tree stand. Practice a couple times and you will get the hang out it. Trust me, it’s not as hard as it may seem!

Don’t think a climbing tree stand is for you? Lone Wolf also provides a couple hang on stands that are worth checking out.

Assault II Hang On




Weight: 11lbs! Take a second and think about that. Imagine picking up a 10lb dumbbell and something that light is tested to hold 350lbs. The Assault II hang on is the lightest hang on stand Lone Wolf offers.

Take note though, hang on stands will require some type of steps or climbing sticks. This will be added weight (approx 8 to 10lbs) for 4 climbing sticks depending on what brand you go with. This is something to think about when comparing the weight of a climbing stand to a hang on.

Lone Wolf does make their own climbing sticks.

Versatility: This truly is the go anywhere, put in any type of tree stand. Lone Wolf has an offset bracket or bat wing bracket that provides a very secure connection to the tree. Due to this bat wing design you will always have 2 points of contact even in the gnarliest types of tree.

Another aspect of their hang on stands is the self leveling platform. Ever try to put a stand in a tree that leans forward? It’s not fun. You always feel like your looking down at the ground and about to fall out. This self leveling design allows you to adjust the angle of the platform. Also, the seat is adjustable as it can be angled up or down like the platform. It is the little perks like this that make these stands worth the money!

The platform is on the small side coming in at 26′ x 19.5″. It is the same size platform as the Assault climber which makes sense from a production standpoint. While using my Assault climber I never felt like I didn’t have enough room but space is tight so keep that in mind. I would gladly trade a smaller platform for a decrease in weight though. Your shoulders will thank you after a long hike in.

Price: $239.99 ===> Amazon. For what you get that is a heck of a deal. You will not be disappointed.

Type of Hunter It Is For: Just like the Assault climber this stand is for the ultra light, minimalist hunter. If you are looking for a stand that will work in any type of situation this is the stand for you.

Tree leans left, right, forward, or backwards…no problem this stand can handle it. No need to worry about trees with branches either as you can easily work around them with steps or climbing sticks. The Assault can be placed on a tree with a diameter of 4″ to 22″.

No matter where you need to go this stand will perform.

Alpha II Hang On




Weight: 14lbs. Which is still very lightweight. The platform on the Alpha is 3″ wider for a bit more room. Same seat size at 14″ x 12″ and has the same weight limit at 350lbs.

Versatility: Think of the Alpha as the big brother to the Assault. This stand comes with all the perks of the Assault (self leveling, bat wing bracket, etc.) it just has a slightly wider platform as mentioned above.

Remember I mentioned customization as a reason for my purchase of a Lone Wolf stand? They offer a couple nice features that can be added to the stands.

The EZ Hang hook system makes connecting your stand to the tree very simple. Set your strap around the tree and just hook your stand in. No more trying to hold the stand against the tree with one hand and trying to swing the strap around with the other. This works with all their hang on stands.



Their Stick Quiver is a great idea that holds up to 4 climbing sticks and connects to the base of the stand. Great way to keep everything together and close at hand.



Looking for a bit more comfort? A foot rest attachment can be purchased and connects right to the stand. This only fits the Alpha hang on so keep that in mind.



Price: $249.99 ===> Amazon. You can’t go wrong with a stand like this.

Type of Hunter It Is For: If you want to be mobile but have a couple more creature comforts, give this stand a try. Again, the Alpha can be placed in any tree.

Wrapping It Up

Lone Wolf stands have been around for over 2 decades. Their products have been proven in the field and are built to last. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

One of these stands can replace the multiple you have sitting in the garage or still hanging out in the tree. Being mobile will give you a great advantage for this upcoming season. Having the ability to hang a stand where ever that trail might be is the key to being successful.

Have any additional questions? Leave me a comment below. If you have used a Lone Wolf stand let me know what you think.

Have a good one!

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